My name is Andy. Food has always been my passion, ever since I realised it could give me the dietary sustenance to continue existing, and was also quite tasty. For a long time I’ve been encouraged to do something with my food knowledge. “You should write a blog!” people will say. “No, really, you should do it,” they would add, the passive aggressiveness slowly ramping up until the whole encounter ends with me on the floor being beaten with sticks whilst a frenzied crowd dances around me chanting “START A BLOG! START A BLOG!”


This gave me the idea to start a blog. The issue I’ve always had is that there are so many restaurants to try, and people have such busy schedules that it can be difficult to organise a dining companion. Thankfully, I was able to fuse my first hoop that I believed I had to jump through in order to get a job passion, history, with my love of food to create a solution. Utilising all the knowledge garnered from my 2:1 (Hons.) History degree at a mid to lower-tier university, I was able to create a rudimentary device to resurrect dead historical figures who would accompany me on my adventures. Now I spend my time visiting restaurants with these celebrities, chronicling my experiences as I go.